A surprise cruise…

Since we loved our first cruise so much, when a super great deal came along we couldn’t pass it up.  One Friday in October I saw some really great last minute rates and called Mark at work and asked him if he thought we could take the kids out of school and he could get a week off of work for the following week.  We decided the next day we could for sure do it and the next Saturday we were headed to the port in Galveston.   We’ve never been that spontaneous!  We told the boys we were going away for the weekend.   Blaze was doing a Flat Stanley project so it was perfect, we said we would drive by the port and take a picture of Flat Stanley by the Disney ship (this time it was the Wonder).  When we got there we took a video of them (they thought it was a picture so they kept standing there saying Cheeeese) and told them we were actually going away for a week on the ship and this time going to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel!  They couldn’t believe it!

So, on to the trip…new ship, new adventures!!!  Of course the first thing they all wanted to do was eat lunch then go to the ice cream station!  Mark and the boys made a contest of who could eat the most ice cream on this trip!  I think they lost count but they sure had fun filling up every chance they could!

Because this was a last minute trip we had an inside stateroom.  We loved the giant porthole on our first cruise and we were nervous how an inside stateroom would be for our family of four.  The room size was great for us and we still had enough room to hang out.  Honestly the only time we really spend in the room is changing from pool clothes to dinner clothes or going back at night and vegging out, taking showers etc. before bed.

We experienced Pirate night again on this trip but in addition, we were there for the Halloween on the High Seas too!  They gave them candy and trick or treat bags and decorated for Halloween, it was so neat!  This time we did more relaxing, enjoying the ship, making new friends, learning to draw characters, going to movies and shows, watched movies by the pool at night and even taking a towel folding class!  The boys had fun together in the kids clubs and decorated pillowcases one evening with new friends.  We spent our time checking out the islands on our port stops and even going back early to enjoy an empty ship (empty pool, and no lines to see characters)!  Every experience is different for every family and this one had a few of the same things and lots of new things to experience.  Until next time…








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